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Posted Monday, 24 November 2008 at 20:46

The atmosphere inside the Chamber was tense during the PBR.

The Labour MPs sat behind Alistair Darling and looked as though they were all on Mogadon.


When George pointed out that they had all cheered when Gordon announced the end of the 10p tax band and then cheered months later when he brought it back, they looked as though they were in shock.


Darling looked uncomfortable, like he would rather have been anywhere other than stood next to Brown reading that statement.


George was fantastic. He was angry and right. An excellent combination.


The public should be worried. The Chamber was tense for good reason. We are watching a country being taken down the pan by an arrogant and incompetent administration, that is doing what all Labour governments do, run out of money, ideas and it would appear, the will to live.

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